What is Channelling?

The words in italics are channelling:

This channelling is linking to the Highest Source of guidance and being aware of the messages received.

All people are able to do this, however, most are unaware of this ability and so do not exercise it:

Divine Source is available for all to communicate with. It is just that most people either do not think this is possible for them or they have no wish to do so, as they are too concerned with matters of the world. Source’s ideal is that humankind is in constant communication with Him. This would allow them to create a world of heaven – full of peace, love and joy.

We would like that

It is your choice!

All channelling is filtered though the mind of the channel and so each person will inevitably ‘flavour’ their channelling, however hard they try to be as pure a messenger as possible. By having three people acting as channels for this blog, there will be less channel bias than if it was from a single person.

The channelling is not religious, nor is it mediumship, which is the channelling of messages from those who have died, but is from the Highest Source (see page ‘Source of Guidance).

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