Background and Future of the channeling

The words in italics are channeling:

We were told the following when we started to channel:

There are many of us Light Beings who are contacting humankind at the moment. All from their different perspectives are engaged in the same task – that of bringing Light to the earth.

The earth has great need of this energy. It is heavy, it is sick. We dearly wish to help it, this beautiful place, for it has repercussions in the universe.

You have been chosen…because of your very different backgrounds and life experiences. Each will bring a different vibration to the alchemy that is required. We want you to assist, along with other groups around your globe, in laying foundations in preparation for the inevitable changes coming to your world.

Other groups exist. The same general channelling will be received by each. It is important that vibrations in totality are raised. Thus each group has an important role. Practically, we would like you to work as this group. Once the information is presented, other groups will contact, then the links will be made.

There will be networks within networks which interconnect. We are trying to speed up this process, but are not allowed to interfere too much. We do, however, “pull strings” as they say. We may influence to a limited extent and offer certain suggestions, but your destiny is largely your own will.

It is of paramount importance that the energies of humankind are raised. Your task is to help in this endeavour. There is much to be done.

 We wish to convey to you knowledge of Truth, so that this can be communicated to mankind.

You think this is a big task. Do not be alarmed; for it is we who will do it but we need your assistance, we are powerless without your communication.

This is your role, dear ones. Your responsibility is merely to connect, to allow this vibration and knowledge, and importantly to communicate it.

Q – What is our first task?

In the first instance we wish you to meet and open up to us. We will communicate Truth, for this is at odds with common earthly behaviour and understanding…On a practical level, we wish this to be disseminated widely. We wish you to be curious. We wish you to question.

We wish you also to continue to work on yourselves. Meditation is very important to link up with us individually, for we are always available to you to help and guide.

Your task is to convey knowledge and in so doing raise vibrations. The more people know that they are not alone, that Beings of Love are available to them, this will alter their consciousness, allowing Love in, and this will raise the vibrations of the planet, spreading the Light of Divine Love.

Later we were told:

You are all pieces of a puzzle and part of the greater plan. This is a living, evolving plan, changing and becoming. Alignments are not by chance. Many groups are being prepared at this time, being readied for connections.

…Common ground must be found. This will take time and effort, but those who wish to dedicate themselves to this work will pave the way…Coming soon will be more benefits than you can possibly imagine at your physical level. They will not be seen as benefits by some in the first instance, but gradually, as the changes are assimilated, they will be recognised as the way forward and will be embraced by more people through the broadcasting of information such as this.

We are happy to work with you all in love, for the souls on earth, at this time of great spiritual and physical change.

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