Source Of Channeled Guidance

The words in italics are channeled guidance:

We asked whether we were speaking directly to God (Source) as we were anxious to be talking only to the highest consciousness and we were told that we were. To elicit further information about this we asked:

Q – You describe yourselves in the plural, so is God singular or plural?

God is of many. The essence of God encompasses all. God is difficult for you to conceive. He is not an entity and his way of ‘speaking’ is through us, His many voices…The essence, which is God, is plural at the same time as being One. We prefer to use the plural as this more accurately describes the Purity and Truth of Nature which is God.

Let us explain further: We speak as God, as the many facets of God; we are completely in alignment with God: we are part of Him and we are speaking for Him, as He wishes us to do.

We are linked to Him…He allows us to formulate His meanings, His wishes in words you can understand…We are both many and One.

Q – We would rather not use the word ‘God’ as it has so much background, emotional baggage for so many people.

You don’t have to. He doesn’t actually have a name as such; He certainly doesn’t need one. He JUST IS. (As indeed we are). You could call Him, or indeed Her, or It or Them: The ONE WHO IS – but that would not fit easily into everyday conversation amongst yourselves!

Q – What about ‘Source’? 

Fine. Whatever you are comfortable with.

Please know that we are not separate from you – you are us and we are you. 

Q – We don’t understand ‘You are us and we are you’

How can we explain? It is like a diamond. We are a facet on a diamond and so are you, yet we are both part of the whole diamond, which is Source.

Love is the essence of the ‘diamond’. This is the substance (or energy) of the Whole (Source), the essence of the whole universe.

Q – How shall we convince people of the validity of this wisdom?

The vibration of the words will convey Power and Truth.


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