Links Inclusion Criteria

If you would like your website or blog site to be considered for our links page, please read our inclusion criteria.

 Criteria for inclusion:

  1. We would like a reciprocal link to be placed on your website, in a spirit of exchange of information.
  2. Your site should offer content with similar aspirations of spiritual development.
  3. Therefore, no sites will be accepted which contain or promote any negative issues contrary to positive spiritual development.
  4. Your site should have a clearly visible links page from your home page, to facilitate link searching.
  5. No sites will be accepted which have intrusive programs, which interfere with site navigation and which might cause functioning problems for users.
  6. Sites must not be restricted, for example, requiring login or registration to view the site – to allow free and easy access to all.


To submit a link:

Please go to the comments box at the bottom of the page and supply the following information:

  • Website URL
  • Website Name
  • Website Description (300 characters max please)

Please note that if you do not make a reciprocal link on your website we will need to remove your link.


Spiritual Guidance for the Soul link details are:

  • Name: Spiritual Guidance for the Soul
  • Description: Spiritual Guidance for the Soul is a blog site, which contains channelled messages from Divine Source for the benefit of humankind and the universe. Information is on a variety of subjects including the importance of love, reality, illness, other lives, truth and spiritual purpose.



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