Channelling Policy

What we do not do

This blog does not provide individual guidance, nor is it mediumship (the channelling of messages from those who have died)

What we can do

If you have a spiritual question, the answer to which would benefit humankind, the animal kingdom, the world /universe, then please feel free to contact us (see below). We will then ask Source on your behalf and will publish the channelled guidance provided as a post on this site.

This is what we were told:

Our communication is to be in the form of a web-based journal. Its four cornerstones, or themes, are to be ongoing… In this way [the blog] is to be a regularly updated web-journal, with interactive possibilities so that people can ask questions which we can answer through you.

The four themes are:

1) Reality (Truth)

2) Relationships (with Source and other souls)

3) Helpful Thinking

4) The Full Circle (Outcome, back to Source)

You will be helped by those in higher consciousness who wish to convey the word of Source to humankind in a way which is accessible to as many people as possible, in a manner which allows maximum interaction and attention. For these words are important for the conveyance to humankind for their progression back to Source, who loves them dearly.

Contact Us

Please contact us, if you have any spiritual questions on:

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