About The Channellers

Share our messages which are for the good of humankind.

Share our messages which are for the good of humankind.

In 2014, a group of spiritual healers, who were also friends, decided to start a book club to read and discuss spiritual books.   The Universe, however, had other plans and at the first meeting of the ‘book club,’ spiritual messages were channelled spontaneously to the group from The Source of All That Is.  As a result, three of the group went on to form this blog site.

The guidance received was given to them from the very Highest Source of Love and Peace. Furthermore, they were asked to: Share our messages which are for the good of humankind

Two of the original members are still part of the group, but were joined in 2021 by another spiritual healer, friend and kindred spirit. The energy and ethos of the blog remains the same and the content of the posts is still the pure, highest vibrational Source wisdom for the benefit of all.

Lily, Melanie and Sian choose to remain anonymous so that focus is on the channelled wisdom, as opposed to the bloggers.

They hope that you will find the wisdom helpful and that you are able to incorporate it into your lives.

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  1. I channel Angel Raphael and have many messages at the site above and elsewhere.
    You can use anything there that speaks to you if you would be so kind as to share a reference. I like your graphics and your messages and your blog. May you all be blessed for your service to the greater good

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