The Year Of Ascension

Q: Is there a word that defines the year 2022?

A: It is the year of Ascension.

Q: In what way will Humanity ascend?

A: The vibration of Earth is rising, with or without the knowledge of Humanity. There are those on the planet who are aware, and who are actively helping to raise the Earth’s vibration through their own elevated energies.

Q: How will we know the Earth is ascending? What will change?

A: Nothing – on the surface. But peace will prevail where once there was war; kindness and understanding where once there was bigotry and intolerance.

Q: How long will this Ascension take?

A: It is a never-ending process which is just beginning. The Earth and it’s peoples will begin to rise above the darkness of the past, and their Ascension towards the Light is limitless and everlasting. We do not have beginnings and endings as you understand them.

Q: Will people be aware of what is happening?

A: Not for the most part. There is a long way to go, but it has begun.

Image by Gerd Altmann  from Pixabay

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