What is Consciousness?

What is Consciousness?

The consciousness of all or the consciousness of individuals?

Both please.

The consciousness of all is a creative, intelligent awareness which encompasses all – All thought that ever was, all matter, all emotion. It can be thought of as a super-engulfing energy of everything and is from which all springs.

So is the consciousness of all, God or Source?

Yes and no. Yes, in that Source is the source of this and is the highest vibration of this. No, in that the lower frequencies of this energy are an addition and a result of experiencing by individuals.

The consciousness of individuals emanate from and are connected to the consciousness of all. This is why people have access to the consciousness of all (sometimes called Universal Consciousness) and can access this guidance at any time they wish. Most do not or are not aware of that they have this ability.

Higher consciousness is a term which people use for the higher energetic frequencies of universal consciousness, of which their essence is a part. It can be accessed when an individual intends that they access these higher frequencies rather than the consciousness of all which includes lower vibrational frequencies and often unhelpful energy.

Thank you. I understand better now.

We have more to say. We are pleased that humans are at last looking beyond the self-imposed boundaries of thought. They have much knowledge and support at their disposal which they can bring into the human realm but those who seek such knowledge have not been considered seriously in the past. If they have the courage to speak up, their endeavours will gradually become mainstream – to the benefit of humankind, your animal kin, vegetation and the planet earth.

Thank you.

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