Question on Receiving Source Wisdom


I have doubts. Can you tell me something that couldn’t have come from my subconscious mind? Something I couldn’t have known already?

Channelled Answer:

We Are your subconscious mind. We are in you and you are in Us. There is no separation … of anything. We are All – physical and nonphysical – part of the same One Consciousness … All Divine, All Knowing. You KNOW. Go Within and Listen. All answers, all knowledge, all understanding is already deep Within you.

The greatest misunderstanding in the history of humanity is the misconception that knowledge is to be found externally, to be sought and found ‘elsewhere’. All knowledge, without exception, can be accessed from Within. Universal Consciousness, in all its Glory and Wisdom and Divine Love, is infinite in its vastness, yet the Gateway to this wonder is Within our hearts and cannot be found by searching outside of ourselves.

We Are ONE. Not just One Humanity … ONE Consciousness. ONE Universe. ONE infinite BEING. God, Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, every sentient Being, every animal, every plant, everyThing – physical and nonphysical – We Are All One. WE ARE ALL SOURCE.

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