Question on The Law of Attraction


I am wondering why, when my energetic vibrations are high, when I am in a state of Flow with the Universe, my Being suffused with a sense of deep Love and inner Peace, that at these times I often attract into my experience those in pain, in need of emotional support, dragged down by their negativity to a state of low vibration. It seems somewhat paradoxical when the Law of the Attraction states that ‘Like attracts Like’?

Channelled Answer:

Positive energies do indeed attract; merging together like a river of golden light in Flow with the Universe; yet darker, lower vibrational frequencies are attracted to it, desiring to join the River of Love, to use this golden flow to help raise their own vibration … to restore the natural balance.

No Being chooses to exist in a low-vibrational frequency. Our inherent state of Being is high-vibrational, because at our core, we are All Love Within – the highest vibration of all. Just as ‘Like attracts Like’ so does the golden River of Love sweep into its current all things trying to return to their Essence; that of Unconditional Love and deep Inner Peace.

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