Questions on the COVID 19 Pandemic

Words in italics are channelled guidance from Source: 

Does the Coronavirus have a consciousness?

No, it is merely the vector for consciousness.

Which consciousness?

That of humans and the whole world consciousness.

What is whole world consciousness?

All consciousness that is on the physical level and living at this time.

This virus is acting as a karmic agent and its purpose was agreed before birth by all who are alive now.

What is the purpose of the virus?

To bring forward to the consciousness of all of what is important in life, why they have come into this incarnation and what they must do to achieve balance.

People might ask why we would agree to experiencing such a virus in our life.

As a soul, you are able to have a much larger and clearer picture of what is needed both for yourself and for the world. It is easier to agree to such events from the perspective of spirit though when in human form it can be hard to endure.

Be assured, dear ones, that all is as it should be and the consequences for the world are beneficial.

Image by dragonuppl from Pixabay


  1. Wow! This is so enlightening and makes things so much clearer. It makes complete sense. I know I shouldn’t be surprised at this since the wisdom is directly from Source, but being a soul having this human experience, I am a work in progress! Thank you so much for sharing this.

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