Death – Channelled message from Divine Source

Death is a natural progression from one form to another

Death is a natural progression from one form to another

Words in italics are channelled message from Divine Source.

Please would you tell us further about death?

There is no death, there is only life energy taking different forms.

It is a natural progression from one form to another, a moving of all energy. An ebb and flow, a coursing river of energetic vibrations which allows All That Is to develop, to create, to expand.

 Do not mourn this change of form. It is an inevitable consequence of expansion.

Without change, there is blockage and stagnation.

 No one is ever lost to you. Their form only changes and you can link with their new expression of consciousness whenever you like because everything is linked and all is a part of All That Is. In fact it can be easier to connect after the discarding of the physical body because in the new expression of spirit there are no constraints of time or space.

Just reach out your consciousness, reach out your mind when in a state of calm and connectedness with All and you will find that a link occurs. You will find the transformed consciousness to be of a higher vibration than when in an earthly body. The increase in vibrational frequency is a result of the transformation, so do not expect the connection to feel the same. The energetic consciousness will have developed which is a reason for the death to have occurred. They will have contributed to the further creation and expansion of All That Is.

 Thank you. This explanation is very helpful.

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