Shift in Consciousness – Message

There is a ripple in the consciousness

There is a ripple in the consciousness

Words in italics are a message from Source.

There is a ripple in the consciousness, an excitement which awaits the next wave of positive energy to alight humankind. This ripple is the talked of ‘Shift in Consciousness’ on the Earth plane. It is a raising of consciousness itself which cannot be experienced until humankind has raised its consciousness in readiness. This surge of high vibrational energy is tantalizingly close to burgeoning forth for all, but needs a further lifting of positive energy in humankind to allow it to be experienced in the collective mind.

When activated, this ripple will have far flung consequences, which only the highest energy of Love can achieve. The Universe, in turn, awaits the raising of the energy vibrations of humankind to turn the key to the release of this conscious wave of highest vibrational Love for all.

 What will happen when the Shift in Consciousness occurs?

It will herald an era of tolerance, of higher ideals, of Love in action. People and animals will be more connected to the collective consciousness and so will have easier access to the wisdom of all time. It is the next phase of the development of humankind and the Universe.

 Will there be no more negativity?

There will still be negativity for it is through this that the balance of goodness is able to be expressed. However, the negativity will not be able to subsume those who are in connection with the higher vibrational energy. There will also be more people who can connect with All That Is and influence events positively.

 Thank you.

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