Energy Shift – Channelled message from Source

There is an energy shift occurring at the moment

There is an energy shift occurring at the moment

Words in italics are channelled message from Source.

We have much to tell you.

There is an energy shift occurring at the moment which will have major repercussions for the spiritual growth of humankind.

 Please would you explain further?

The timing is twofold. Firstly, there is perceived great need of higher vibrational energy on earth. Secondly, there are enough people and animals who are able to absorb this energy and so it can be delivered safely. These people and animals agreed to enter the earth plane for this purpose.

 What will be the effect of this energy shift to higher vibration?

We are unable to predict exactly, because humans have free will to act in positive or negative ways. What we can tell you is that it will provide a much better vibrational environment to facilitate the positive spiritual growth of humankind. It will provide a better opportunity for such growth.

 It will also more easily allow higher vibrational spiritual assistance to be connected to those in need. It will reduce the gap between higher vibrational beings who are of Source and those beings on earth. This is good news for all!

 It makes it more likely for those on earth to realise (make real) their spiritual potential which will positively influence all.

 Thank you.


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