What makes a person ‘spiritual’? – Guidance


Words in italics are channelled guidance from Source:

What makes a person ‘spiritual’?

All people are spiritual. People are not flesh, people are not their thoughts or their personalities. The essence of all people is that they are spiritual energy.

 Your question does not refer to this, however. You wish to ask the qualities of a person who is highly vibrational as opposed to being a person who on this earth appears to not be vibrating as highly as they are capable.


To aid reaching a high vibration, (which allows an opening to Source energy and enables the possible limitlessness of your being to be expressed) you simply need to have the intention of opening yourself up to Source. Please note, we did not say ‘strive’ or ‘journey towards’ or ‘work on yourself’, we used the words ‘intention’ and ‘allow’. These both indicate that you already have all the resources available to you to reach a high vibration. You simply need to have the intention to allow or open up to Source energy.

The signs that a person is linked to Source energy are that they are radiant, they shine out with Love. They exude an inner peace and calm. They are compassionate, they are linked to nature and their presence shines out positively, soothing the way for others.

 All humankind is capable of high vibrational living. It is a matter of choice. When more people choose to do this, the higher the vibrations will be on earth, which will result in a positive energy shift, allowing increased harmony, peace and love on the earth plane.

Thank you.

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