Be everything you came here to be – Message

Be resplendent in the glory of who you really are

Be resplendent in the glory of who you really are

Words in italics are a channelled message from Source.

What would you like to teach us today?

The purpose of your earthly existences is to learn and grow spiritually, enabling the ‘whole’ to benefit.

But you have lost sight of your interconnectedness with all that is, and you mostly find yourselves struggling against a tide of hopelessness, fear, anger and frustration.

This need not be the case. You have many tools at your disposal to help with the reversal of a negative state of being, but you forget to hone and use them.

At every opportunity, give yourselves a little ‘downtime’.

By swopping your focus to the inner rather than the outer part of your being, you can make great headway and fulfil your original purpose, experiencing it joyfully rather than woefully.

You will always encounter testing experiences because that is the plan. However, you needn’t approach them from a place of angst or disappointment.

Hold fast and anchor yourselves to the bedrock of love which is the foundation of all that is. This will allow you to be everything you came here to be, resplendent in the glory of who you really are.


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