Make your life totally different – Guidance

Enhance your earthly existence by maintenance of your inner being

Enhance your earthly existence by maintenance of your inner being

Words in italics are channelled guidance from Source:

We wish to remind you that you are much more than you give yourselves credit for.

The elegance and beauty of your true form is way beyond what any of you can imagine.

If you would allow yourselves to be who you truly are – an expression of Source – then your radiance would shine through your outer coverings, those human forms which you find so restrictive and demanding, and your lives would be totally different.

When you come to accept that you have limitless power and ability to do, be, or have anything you wish without being dependent on exterior influences, you will reform not only your own lives, but the lives of those around you too.

You can enhance your earthly existences by being more mindful of the need for maintenance of your inner being. By connecting to Source as often as possible with the sole intention of recharging and replenishing your core energy, you will soon receive the rewards we speak of – an improvement in all aspects of your lives.

There is immense love and support readily available to everyone who chooses to avail themselves of it. It is boundless and freely given, expansive beyond measure and eternal.

Please use it. It is yours for the asking.

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