Raise your vibrations – Channelled guidance


Words in italics are channelled guidance.

What would you like us to know today?

 Remember to work on raising your vibrational levels and maintaining them. Many things can result from what is essentially nothing more than a drop in your vibrations.

 What things?

This will be difficult for you to comprehend, as you do not have a frame of reference for what we are about to say.

Can you tell us any way please?

Your lives seem to you to be one long stream of injustices and problems, interspersed with pleasurable interludes.

This is not the case, far from it. Given the correct platform, your lives would seem transformed from the way you presently experience them.

 How do we achieve that?

STOP comparing yourself to others.

STOP judging others on your own performance.

 START to live your lives from a place of constant love and appreciation – not only thinking this, but feeling it from deep within.

START to give others what you know to be the all healing balm – LOVE, whatever happens.

 If you raise your vibrations to a high enough level and work on maintaining them, you will not suffer thus in the future.

The work you need to put in is solely yours, not ours. We cannot do this for you.

Be love. Be peace.



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