The Art of Doing Nothing – Channeled message

Time devoted to the practice of just 'being' is time well spent

Time devoted to the practice of just ‘being’ is time well spent

Words in italics are channeled message:

We would like to encourage you to allow yourselves more time to be actively engaged in ‘doing nothing’

Done on a regular basis, this will mentally soothe and help to clear mind chatter, emotionally uplift and strengthen, whilst physically sustaining and rejuvenating.

Many would view this as a waste of valuable time, but the opposite is true. Time devoted to the practice of just being is time well spent, whether this is observing nature, meditating, or simply using a favourite means of being at peace. Each individual knows what works for them at any given time.

Such indulgence is generally frowned upon in human society nowadays. Many people have become addicted to, or are obliged to exist within the fast- paced, materially driven, goal attaining slavery of modern life. This is usually in the pursuit of happiness, but we wish to remind you that true happiness can only come from within, as all else is transient and changes or corrupts at the will of others.

Your inner being, well nourished and allowed to flourish, will enable you to sense fulfilment of a different kind – that of serenity and balance in your daily lives and inner peace which cannot be attained by any other means.

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