What happens when we die? – Channelled message

Source is All and Forever and so therefore are you

Source is All and Forever and so therefore are you

Words in italics are channelled message.

Please would you tell us what happens when we die?

You never die. You are of spirit, you are of Source and Source is All That Is, All That Was and All That Will Be. Source is All and Forever and so therefore are you.


So do we return to Source when we die?

Yes, but you may appear to take a while to do this, whilst other lives appear to play out. You never left Source. There is no time, there are no lives. Your reality is with Source.

Feel this in the silence of your soul. Feel your reality, the warm knowledge of your true self. There is no need to fear, to feel alone, to feel insignificant, for you are part of the magnificence of Source. Humankind has forgotten this and proceeds as lowly beings of outer consciousness.

We urge you to look inwards at the Light of your souls. When you know that boundless, Love is who you are and that this has no limits, then, you will understand that Source is your true home and you will return there.


Wow! Thank you.

As always it is with pleasure that we speak with you, the people of earth. We are here for you and can help guide you towards your Truth if you so let us.

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