Your vibrations – Channelled message


Words in italics are channelled message:

Things on earth still don’t seem to be getting any better, despite the application of love by many people, as you suggest.

Do not let this deter you from being who you truly are – an expression of Source Energy – love, peace and harmony personified.

You are simply witnessing the manifestation of the current reality and way of being of others. If you continue to emit the high vibration of love they will ultimately have no option but to be affected by it in a positive way.

Love softens and relieves, it brings peace and calmness to even the most volatile situation if applied continuously.

This is your role, no matter how difficult you perceive it to be. As love becomes your only state of being, the lower vibrational output of others will cease to affect you, or even be evident to you. Your own vibrational output will be the only thing you are aware of.

This can become your permanent state but it takes practice, patience and forgiveness of the self when you think you have ‘failed’ and allowed your vibration to dip to an undesirable level.

To overcome this, just start afresh in the next moment. Know that by ‘being love’ you automatically connect to the highest and most loving vibration possible – the Source of All That Is.

You may stub your toes along the way, but staying on the path despite the obstacles you encounter will bring fulfilment of a type you have not yet experienced.

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