Feeling Safe – Channelling from Source

The support of Divine Source is always there for you

The support of Divine Source is always there for you

Words in italics are channelling from Source:

Many people have reason to feel unsafe in this life. How can they be helped?

Platitudes do not assist in a situation like this. When people feel that they are in real danger physically or emotionally, at the time this is occurring, it is difficult to take preventive measures.

 Instead, they need to practice linking with Source at a time when they are not in imminent danger. Such measures will then allow them to feel the comforting connection at the time of danger.


We offer the following for people to try:

Take a few deep breaths. Focus your mind on the out-breath and as you do so allow calm to flow into your body……

Then breathe normally through your nose and feel your feet on the ground beneath you.

Now feel that behind you is a wonderful, loving, golden-coloured Divine Light, like a huge sun.

 Allow yourself to imagine melting into this so that you become part of the bigger light and you too glow with this light……

Feel that the loving, Divine Light energy fills you, inside every cell of your body. You feel safe and very loved.

 This Light keeps flowing into you so that the rays start to shine out of your body. The loving light is now filling you and shining outwards so that you have a circle of comforting, protecting light around you.

 Enjoy this feeling. It is here for you any time you want it.

 Now feel the ground beneath your feet and when you feel ready, open your eyes.


 Know that you can use this meditation whenever you would like to feel supported. Practice it regularly so that you can use it at will.

 If you feel in danger either physically or psychologically, know that your true spiritual self, which is the Light within you, your soul, cannot be touched.

 This meditation will help you feel the support of Divine Source, which is always there for you.

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