Small Steps – Channelled message

You have unlimited potential. Please utilise it for the benefit of humankind

You have unlimited potential. Please utilise it for the benefit of humankind

The words in italics are channelled message:

There is great need to increase the momentum of the rise in vibrational frequency in humankind.

Generally speaking, humans do not pay enough attention to the balance of body, mind and spirit. This combination of essential parts of the human form is the reason you are able to live your human lives. If correct attunement is not practised on a regular basis, the counterbalancing necessary to achieve what all humans seek – wholeness and free flow of energy – cannot happen.      

We emphasise very strongly that the power, strength, wellbeing and balance available to every one of you is there to be tapped into, with just a thought and the intention of doing so.

What most people seek from outside sources is actually within easy reach of all, if one knows where to find it. We wish you to avail yourselves of this immense power and strength that you are actually carrying around within your physical bodies, for the most part dormant and unused.

People find this difficult due to the pressures and stresses of daily life and family commitments etc……

We understand, but by taking simple, small steps towards regularly accessing this inner part of yourselves, you can benefit hugely and your lives would be transformed, not only personally but also collectively.

We suggest that you allow yourselves more freedom and create space in your daily routine – no matter how restrictive you currently find it – and set small, achievable goals which can be easily realised.

The current rise in consciousness can be speeded up if everyone plays their part, however insignificant they perceive themselves to be at present.

You have unlimited potential and we wish for you to utilise it for the benefit of humankind on a global scale.

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