Information for Healers – Channelled message

Link with Divine Source and allow the highest vibrational energy to heal

Link with Divine Source and allow the highest vibrational energy to heal

Words in italics are channelled message:

Spiritual healers have an important role on Earth. Healing, when performed correctly, acts as a link to Source and linking to Source is the purpose of all.

Healers, therefore, can act as a signpost for others to follow.

Not all so-called ‘healers’ are vibrating at a high enough level to perform this task, however. Many are blocked by their ego and give attention to lower level energy and so cannot be fully effective.

Healers need to take care to maintain their own energies in order to permit the title ‘healer’. For only those who are vibrating with highest level energy can truly link with Source.

Instead, many focus on outward appearances and techniques for their practice and think that this is ‘healing.’ It is not. Sadly, not enough attention is given by many so-called healers, to their own energy.

If someone spends time linking with Source and starts to vibrate at Source level, then that person is a healer irrespective of training, qualification, certificates held.

When that person gives the energy of positive thought to another, that person will be healed, because the link is to Source, whose vibration heals all.

When someone comes into the presence of that healer, they will be healed, for they will be in the presence of Source, whose vibration cannot but raise all who are so linked, to that highest level.

So healers, link with Divine Source and true healing will be the result.

We would love to see this occurring more.

It is easy to do. Just, from a place of inner peace, invite yourself to link with Divine Source and feel it happen. You will know when it does for the feeling of Source Peace and Love has a unique vibrational completeness and stillness.

Then INTEND that you remain in this state and practice regularly. This thought intention, when asked purely and with love, is powerful and allows the link to continue. You will need to practice, for it has been a long time since you vibrated at this level, but with pure intention and with application it will occur.

Now link with love and allow the highest vibrational energy to heal. Then you may call yourself a true healing channel.

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