Our Potential – Channeled Guidance

Your potential is limitless

Your potential is limitless

Words in italics are channeled guidance:

What would you like us to know today?

That all is good, despite appearances to the contrary.

We wish for people to remember their true nature and that of all others and All that Is.

 You mean that we are all love?

Yes. That is the most fundamental truth and one that most people do not remember. If they remember that appearances are an illusion and that all is Love then so much could be accomplished and strife negated by simply this thought. So it bears repeating for a profound understanding of this will enable humankind to realise their potential.

 What is our potential?

Your potential is limitless – literally. You can become without boundaries, linked to all, without limitation to time and space, pure love and pure peace, Light and joy.

 How do we become this?


Become love and loving, without judgment. When you do this with a knowing of Oneness with the Source of Love, then that is all you need to reach your spiritual potential.

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  1. Amazing thank you
    With endless appreciation love and light xxxx

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