Use time well – Channelling

Why not embrace a life of Love?

Why not embrace a life of Love?

Words in italics are channelling:

Time today is precious. How will you use your time? To do the numerous tasks which you think are important or to bring Love to the world?

 Which is most important? You know the answer don’t you? The problem is that humankind seems to find it difficult to apply the theory of being loving to actually being loving.

 What will love do to the world? Love transforms the knots of life into smooth encounters. It makes whole that which seems broken. It brings all closer to Divine Source as the vibration of Love and that of Source are the same frequency.

 For you to Love will not wait. Time appears to pass and with it lives are ‘lived’ and difficulties are continually encountered.

Why not embrace a life of Love? What have you to lose? You have all to gain.

Love will transform all that you assumed to be reality into loving Truth.

 Just start one step at a time with whoever and whatever you encounter. Even if it seems that nothing will change, the powerful force that is Love, through acts of kindness, performed with a loving heart, can act like a magic salve to the world and its inhabitants and will also reverberate throughout the Universe.

 Thus, the practical application of Love is important, and dear ones, should not wait.

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  1. Love, love, it!! Thank you so much for all that you are and all that you do with endless appreciation love light and peace xxxx

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