Become who you really are – Channelling

You are beings of immense power and clarity

You are beings of immense power and clarity

The words in italics are channelling:

Access to great things and furtherance of your journey to wholeness and complete comfort, at all times in all ways, is not as difficult as you generally make it.

We are pleased to help you realise that at times, that which you perceive to be a problem is actually the way forward to the next place or action that is needed in that particular instance.

Continuity is not as essential as you think. It is useful, but not essential and there are many ways of getting past a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

Allowing things to flow with ease – rather than grating and seeming harsh by comparison – is simple if you can face the fact that these things are never as they seem. Take yourself regularly to a place of inner peace and contentment and you will find that it becomes easy to transpose that way of being to all you encounter.

Have patience, faith and trust in the process of becoming who you really are – no matter how difficult this seems – and experience a change in your perceptions as you move forward in this way. You are beings of immense power and clarity and these attributes can become hidden and depleted by lack of attention to them.

Rather than trying to make everything work as you wish it to and relinquishing what you see as ‘control’, the true meaning of your life will become apparent and unfold in all its intended beauty. Begin to ‘live’ rather than just existing between one set of circumstances and the next, feel joy in every moment.

Yes, these things are available to you but, as always, the choice is yours as to whether or not you access them.

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