Challenges – Channeled message from Source

To approach challenges focus on positive outcomes

To approach challenges focus on positive outcomes

The writing in italics is channeled message from Source:

Consider this:

You are on a journey of discovery and, as such, if you choose to regard it as an exciting one rather than trying one, you may find that you get more enjoyment from it – much like the explorers in your world.

They go through many trials and tribulations in their quests to find whatever they are seeking, but they always accept them as part of the process.

We remind you that you always have a choice about how you approach day to day situations and challenges. Why, when you could make it easy, would you choose to face difficulty with more difficulty – for that is essentially what humans do when they deal with life from a negative stand-point.

Your focus on and attention to the positive outcome of any situation is always paramount. Making this single, simple criterion the mainstay of your existence will bring you everything you desire.

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  1. This truly works. Thank you.

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