Addiction – Channeled message from Source

Give positive thoughts to help those who have addictions

Give positive thoughts to help those who have addictions

The writing in italics is channeled message from Source:

It isn’t easy to ‘Be Love’ when someone very close is addicted to or abusing alcohol, drugs or other substances and bringing unwanted experiences into our lives..…do you have wisdom to help on how to cope with this please?’

This is by no means an easy challenge to meet and we can only be sure of one thing – there is a way of dealing with all things you encounter:

Do not allow yourselves to be affected by anything other than kindness and loving acts. When you find yourselves on the ‘receiving end’ of the type of thing you mention, simply take a step back mentally and emotionally and allow only thoughts of elevation for the person concerned to come into play, rather than meeting the situation with coldness or anger.

The latter will not serve either you or the other person, because everything is connected and like attracts like energetically. By dealing with things differently, you will affect their energy field in a positive manner.

Therefore, by giving out only positivity – at the same time allowing yourselves to feel the strength and upliftment that such focus will bring – you will find that better feeling things happen as a result. This may need to be on-going and initially you may feel that it is not having the desired effect. When enough momentum is created, the old vibration will no longer be in evidence and the new stronger, more positive one will eventually bring you what you desire.

Positive focus is always the major part of any challenge.  It enables and gives much strength to what is often a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

Ultimately, as always, you are creators of your own reality. Everything depends on how you view things and subsequently allow them to affect you. 

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