The key to success – Channeled message from Divine Source

The key to success is to APPLY wisdom

The key to success is to APPLY wisdom

The writing in italics is channeled message from Divine Source:

The key to success in changing one’s way of being is always the application of the wisdom we impart. Using the tools which feel comfortable, whether that’s meditation, yoga, or some other form of stilling the mind, continual steady input will allow the required change to become more comfortable as you gradually become accustomed to a feeling of inner and outer peace and calm.

Having usually started from a place of chaos and inability to be anything other than agitated and confused for the most part, it will at first seem impossible to achieve anything other than brief glimpses or isolated instances of what you are aiming for.

With a little persistence, some confidence and a belief that your desire can manifest with very little effort, you will achieve great things in a relatively short amount of time. The key ‘ingredient in this confection’ is persistent application which, even for short periods, is very beneficial when done often enough with sufficient vigour.

As you begin to see improvements and sense a feeling of cohesiveness in all your thoughts and actions, you will be spurred on to make even greater changes, bringing you to a state of rejuvenation and wellbeing you cannot imagine at present.

Thereafter, you will automatically be able to sense the interconnectedness of everything. This will allow even more of what you seek to become apparent, culminating in a perpetual state of love – which by its very being attracts only love – in all its various forms, into your lives.

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