History 2 – Channeled message from Divine Source

All occurs in the Mind and not in reality

All occurs in the Mind and not in reality

The writing in italics is channeled message from Divine Source:

I would like to ask you more about history please. If we are living concurrent lives, I don’t understand how there seems to be an apparent linear history unfolding where past events seem to have future consequences.

Actually, all events have happened at the same time, the same space, in the same Mind. Understand that all occurs in the Mind and not in reality. If you understand this, it is an easier step to see that ‘history’ is then merely the unfolding of the dream in the collective Mind. Events do seem to progress in linear fashion. Space does seem to exist in different locations. This, however, is not reality, as we have said before.

 The attention of humankind is on earthly matters and not on their spiritual reality. This misplaced focus brings the dream to the fore and allows it to crystallize and appear real. It plays out in apparent linear fashion until there is awakening from the dream and realisation that Source is All that IS and that therefore so are you.

 Thank you very much for your wisdom.

You are very welcome. We are here to help you all, who are in fact, really One.

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