History 1 – Channeled message from Divine Source

Concentrate on the NOW in your lives

Concentrate on the NOW in your lives

The writing in italics is channeled message from Divine Source:

If all time is simultaneous and all lives are being lived now, how come we have such things as history, archaeological remains and artifacts?

This will be difficult for you to comprehend. The answer is twofold:

1) The time, date and location of an occurrence are important to humans, but this is actually part of ‘the dream’ and therefore irrelevant.

2) Consciousness (Source) doesn’t recognise the things you mention in any way, shape or form. As a result, there is a vital piece missing from the puzzle. The missing piece is always visible and available, just not accessed by many people.

How do we access this missing piece?

By being less concerned with what is usually termed the past, present and future and concentrating on the NOW in your lives. This will bring a more harmonious aspect to your activities, enabling you to be more focussed on reality (Truth), rather than your created reality. By doing this, you will sense the vastness of the existence of the whole (Source) and everything will fall into place for you.

You did say this would be difficult to comprehend…….

Not as difficult as you think. By changing your focus you will be able to see what is currently invisible to you. As your collective vibration rises, the things you enquire about will cease to be of importance to you. Your minds will function on a different level – one which does not need to analyse and understand everything. As things become clearer, the falsity of your human needs will become apparent, leaving you fulfilled in a completely different way and releasing the desire to catalogue events and constantly refer to them.

All thoughts, words and actions are simply part of the human experience, meant to teach and enlighten. Your journey can be one of joy and love, if only you allow yourselves to let go of the constant quest for accountability, blame and punishment.

We hope this helps.

Thank you.


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