Illness – Channeled message from Divine Source

Illness is a message that you are not in tune with your true purpose

Illness is a message that you are not in tune with your true purpose

The writing in italics is channeled message from Divine Source:

Could you please explain illness to me?

Are you sure you want to hear the answer?  

Why do you ask that?

Because illness is a result of people not listening to uncomfortable truths. It is a result of people allowing earthly concerns to rise up and choke their true selves. It is a result of not being in accord with their Truth – that their reality is of a spiritual nature and of Source. When this is denied, the lifeblood of their essence becomes blocked and they suffer ill health.  

So simply by acknowledging our true, spiritual nature we can remain healthy?

It is more complex than this as humankind live many apparent lives and all thoughts in one life impinge on the others. This is positive as well as problematic, for loving thoughts in one life can influence their other lives for the better too.

Illness is not inevitable. It is a message to you that you are not in tune with your true purpose – that of linking with all in a loving way. This includes love for oneself and forgiving both yourself and others for perceived wrong doings.

Such linking in love brings the vibration of the Source Of All That Is to the forefront of people’s lives, allowing them to vibrate with the highest energy of love. This love clears all blockages to health and permits radiation of highest vibrational energy where illness is not possible.  

So, as always, love is the answer?

It is never not the answer, whatever the question. A simple truth, but one which is often not employed.

Thank you very much.

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  1. So wise so true thank you for this amazing wisdom bless you

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