Law of attraction – Channeled message

The law of attraction  brings you more of what you give attention to.

The law of attraction brings you more of what you give attention to.

The writing in italics is channeled message:

Some of the things you speak of speak of seem totally unattainable, although you say it’s very easy……..

This is always a process.

Each process starts with an intention and, if that intention is held in the mind often enough, the process will begin to unfold and changes will occur.

These changes will be subtle at first, often going un-noticed. However, in all cases the momentum which follows the continuing desire for improvement will increase, until the changes are really obvious.

Having reached this point you are able to add in other factors for further improvement and, before long you will have witnessed the manifestation of the initial intention – without even realising how it happened in some cases.

Continuity of thought, acceptance of ‘what is’ and your constant focus on the positive aspects of any situation are the key elements of this process.

But why do we have such difficulty with it?

Because you simply lack the required focus.

It is human nature to dwell on what you perceive as ‘wrong’ or ‘negative’. This only serves to increase those things, as the law of attraction is always bringing you more of what you give attention to.

Understanding this  fundamental principle will allow all your desires to become your reality.  


  1. Thank you so much for this post it has clarified so much about this life in terms of other lifes coexisting at the same time effecting outcomes within this life ,since some outcomes here seem to not truely match intentions here. Its truely inspiring to think that if i realise and actualise the true pure intentions of love an source in this life, it ripples out simultaniously to help other aspects of my soul experience, across dimentions an vice versa and also effect the rest of the universe in the same moment since energy effects all…I FINALLY GET THAT CONCEPT NOW!! Its also interesting to consider some interactions with others in this life are interactions with aspects of your own soul, often difined or interperated perhaps in a slightly narrowed view as; soulmates be them family, aquaintances, friends, lovers etc and the buzz term twinflame. The soul as i see it for me is much much more capable than having one counterpart and exsisting in one soul family since it can splinter off in many many parts, i understand it more in terms of soul spirit infinite self as capable of co exsisting in one reality, even having many other lives at once in one reality and if/when meeting up here often do so in ways to mirror and help merge and expose etc aspects for greater awareness to grow (often challenging to say the least but a true gift of love to self) also assisting in the process of awakening. It opens up the heart to a greater level when considering we are all one AND ENERGY TRUELY IS MOMENTS EXSISTING simultaniously effecting the next moment on a universal level wow!! Thank you for this food for thought i appreciate the release its giving my soul and sigh ahhhhhh relax mmmmm feels good 🙂 i appreciate any feedback or deeper understandings on this if to expand further in this area. Thanks again 🙂 Chel x

    • Thank you for your comments. We are pleased that you have found this blog site helpful.
      You may find the deeper understanding which you request, in the new blog post called, ‘The key to success’.

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