Finding Love – Channeling from Source

ALL deserve Love because all ARE Love.

ALL deserve Love because all ARE Love.

The writing in italics is channeling from Source:

Most people intrinsically know that Love is what they are, which is why it is sought with such vigour. However, it is the application of this truth which is the usual stumbling block.

Please could you tell us how we can find Love in our lives?

Firstly, Love’s essence is not romantic or sexual love; it is a recognition of the true nature of humankind and all that is. It is that which is the essence of Source of which we are a part.

Much unhappiness is brought about by people searching for love outside themselves, unaware that to feel Love all they have to do is focus inwards to the essence of Source. When touched, this vibration, links back to themselves and all others, magnifying and revealing Love in its purity and power. This high vibration of Love clarifies doubt, clears illness and allows full expression of unlimited Truth.

Much of the problem is that people are blocked from experiencing this by their thoughts that they do not deserve Love, that (usually subconsciously) they are guilty of crimes which preclude experience of their True selves.

Know that ALL deserve Love because all ARE Love. It is merely allowing an expression of who you really are.

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