Why is life so often difficult? – Q & A – Channelling

Act in kindness and love,

Act in kindness and love

Words in italics are channelling:

We received the following question to ask Source:

‘It is difficult to understand on a human level why atrocities occur to innocent people. Please can you explain this?’

This is an understandable question. It is very difficult for people to comprehend the causes of earthly atrocities, of which there are sadly many.

 It must be understood that life is but a dream, an illusion, and not the reality of you spiritual beings. Whilst the horrors seem to be real whilst you are experiencing them, they are as the nightmares of your earthly nights, which also seem real when being experienced.

 True reality is often difficult for people to understand. The Truth is that this apparent earthly existence is an illusion, as realised by many ancient sages.

 Whether or not you experience a pleasant dream or life as a nightmare is influenced by your mind in other and all lives as well as the currently experienced one. Thus, for example, a young child experiencing horror, would be deemed in earthly terms to ‘not deserve’ this.

 In spiritual terms it represents an expression of the totality of ‘lives’. The vibrations of all lives are linked. Please try to understand this, for therein lies the solution. If all humankind, were to raise their vibrations by allowing their mind to be aware of their link to each other and Source and so act in kindness and love, then it would be impossible for the illusion of nightmares to exist.


Another of us asked whether there was anything to add to that which had been already channelled and this was the reply:

 No. Nothing will change perceptions better than an individual realisation of the reality of who you truly are. This can only happen when the time is right. For those who are not yet ready, no amount of further explanation will make a difference.







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