Why is life so often difficult? – Channeling from Source 1

People are spiritual beings who are extensions of Source

People are spiritual beings who are extensions of Source

The writing in italics is channeling from Source:

What would you like to teach us today?

 Why life is so often difficult for people.

 That would be very useful.

Firstly, people need to understand that the problems they appear to be encountering are made from their mind.

Please could you explain that further as most people would strongly disagree with you.

That is because they live lives with their minds buried in the sand and do not understand their own power.

People’s mind creates their own reality.

 Accepting this to be true, but why would people want to create a difficult reality for themselves?

Merely through forgetting who they are. They live lives focused on the external, so that the external appearance becomes their false reality. If they continue to do this, then all sense of their own power becomes lost in the day-to-day issues which they encounter. The sense of who they are becomes dispersed externally, their vibrations become lower and this attracts similarly vibrational issues, in other words, they attract ‘problems’.

How can they change this?

Merely by remembering who they are!

When people remember that they are in fact, spiritual beings who are extensions of Source, they become in alignment with these energies and so their vibrations rise and thus they attract higher vibrational issues into their ‘lives’.

Wow! Is it that easy?

Really, yes. People would help themselves immensely if they remembered their true state (a part of Source) and that they are therefore immensely powerful creators in their ‘lives’.

Thank you so very much for this wisdom.

It is with pleasure that we speak to the people of the Earth.

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  1. You’re doing a good job to make people more conscious of the truth.

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