Love is the Answer – Channeling from Divine Source

Love is the answer, whatever the question

Love is the answer, whatever the question

The writing in italics is channeling from Divine Source:

Love is the answer, whatever the question, whatever the situation, whatever the time, however big the problem appears to be.

Would you like an explanation of why that is?

 Yes Please.

Because love is ALL THAT IS in reality. Problems often appear to be far removed from love, appearing to align with hatred and fear. But if you understand that the latter is the illusion and link in to the vibrations of your reality you will see that this love will melt all problems. It cannot be otherwise.

 So how is it that some loving people appear to have horrible lives?

Their existence is not just this life.

Your lives are like a kaleidoscope, each facet, touching and altering the others. Thus what appears on the earth plane to be one existence with unfair happenings is in fact a facet of many existences, which alter each other.

 So are you saying that bad things happening to good people is a result of them being bad in another existence?

Yes. But the positive aspect of this is that LOVE in any life positively alters all lives (your own and that of others). Lives are lived concurrently but experienced consecutively in the main. Thus a decision to love will positively influence all, bringing heaven to earth.

 Thank you.


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