Your created dream life – Channeling

You are still sat in the lap of Source

You are still sat in the lap of Source

The text in italics is channeling.

Why do we dream our lives? Why were we not content for our awareness to remain with Source?

 Because you, as a facet of Source, are creators and you began creating. Then, as an artist, you became lost in your art and forgot your Source and reality. This is fearsome to you, although most people do not even realize that this fundamentally is the cause of their fear and feelings of alienation.

 It is as though you started to create a film and whilst creating and watching the film you start to think of this as your reality. In fact you are still sat in your studio, but the various scenes of the film have you mesmerized and you lose all awareness of where you really are. You have no need to fear the frightening and difficult scenes in the film for they are not your reality, albeit for the moment, they appear to be.

 You are still sat in the lap of Source, if only you would remove the veil, which hides this from your awareness. The earth life, which you are creating, is merely your creation and not your reality. When the film is finished awareness of your origin of Source will return.

Thank you for this explanation.

It is a pleasure to be able to convey Truth to the people of Earth. They have believed falsehood for too long. The time has arrived when our messages will be listened to and so we are pleased to be able to bring forth clarifications of Truth to enquiring minds who seek an explanation for their feelings of alienation and fear.

The most important issue to remember is that YOU ARE OF SOURCE, however your life seems to contradict this fact. Keep this in your awareness and you will succeed in BEING this.

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