Creation in the Illusion – Channeled message

Connect with love and you connect with Source

Connect with love and you connect with Source

The words in italics are channeled message:

Please can you explain the reality of the world? If all is an illusion, as you say, then are you saying that Source did not create the beautiful aspects of the universe and earth, such as the wonder of a beautiful sunset over the ocean or the splendor of the mountains?

We have told you that your reality on earth is an illusion. We have also told you that you are limitless facets of Source. If you put these two facts together you can see that humans, as creating facets of Source have created their current reality of the earth in the universe. Thus you can conclude that as you are a facet of Source, Source via you, did create within the illusion. But only via you. The essence, which is love, does not create, but just IS.

 So what about the bad aspects of the world?

Similarly, this is a creation of humankind, a facet of Source. However it is important to remember that the essence of Source IS, and IS LOVE. It is through the connection of love that humankind does not become lost in the illusion forever. It is a temporary dream and therefore not reality.

So you have to understand that your question does not really make sense as you are not really of the dream. It is but a temporary illusion and not your reality or that of Source of whom you are a part.

Source ensures that you are never lost in the dream. Your connection of love to Source is like a thread which links you always. Connect with love and you connect with Source.

 Thank you so much again.

It is always a pleasure to explain reality to humankind who so often are fearful and confused because they understand not their true reality of love’s essence.

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