The power of attraction – Channeling

Keep awareness that you are part of Source to harness the power of attraction

Keep awareness that you are part of Source to harness the power of attraction

The words in italics are channeling:

If we are creating our own reality, why do we sometimes create things that are seemingly so unpleasant ?

Because, as humans, you are unaware that you have the power to create whatever you like. As a result you react to the seemingly unpleasant creations of others in a negative way, and the ongoing theme of things becomes negative to such a degree that it is perceived as intolerable. As you reach this level of displeasure, you become mentally more and more separated from who you really are (a part of Source) and feel unable to deal with whatever you have immersed yourself in at a human level.

As you bring back your awareness to Truth, you free yourself of the binds that tied you in to the dream. You are then able  to begin creating a different scenario, a more pleasing aspect of what is, enabling you to see things more positively and bringing you back to reality – slowly but surely – by means of the vehicle of your choice.

How do we access the right vehicle and where do we find it?

Your new viewpoint will bring it into focus. As you change your perceptions, you will become adept at finding exactly what you need, because your vibration raises and becomes stronger- thus attracting things of a similar high vibration.

You make it sound so easy

It is!

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