Love is the key – Q & A – Channelling

Love is the key

Love is the key

The words in italics are channelling:

We received the following question to ask Source:

I have been in A Course in Miracles study group for 19 years seeking a higher way to live and to support the spiritual growth of others around me. How do we best release the blocks to loves awareness?


Two of us have channelled the answer to your question. Firstly, we received:

Love always finds a way. Love IS the way. Love melts the apparent ‘blocks’ of earthly human awareness until they are no more. For Love is always present. To lift the veil of distraction merely focus your mind on Divine Love and it cannot but appear in that instant.

The issue is one of focus, intention and understanding.

Focus is an obvious tool – for to truly focus on Love is causative for ‘blocks’ (or earthly distractions) to disappear. This can be difficult for humans to achieve when their minds are instead focused on earthly matters. Meditation on Love is a useful avenue to success in this endeavour.

Intention, however, is a durable tool. For to place intention in the Mind acts as a magnet, attracting that which is intended. Place Love in focus and intention for strong awareness of your Divine aspect to flower.

For your Truth is Love. Understand this and you will not try to see it outside of yourself. It is there now.

You are Love. You are this power.


Secondly, it was asked, ‘Do you wish me to channel any part of the answer to the blog question?’

You are already aware that the relevant answer has been given, but you may add the following:

The confidence you need to move forward is held within, but not yet accessed.

Continue with your present disciplines, at the same time allowing the necessary awakening of that part of you which is not yet active.

This will be easier than you think.

Be Love. Be peace.

Be all of the things that you naturally are and you will find that you no longer have trouble ‘fitting in’.

Love is the key – for others, but also for yourself.

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  1. How beautiful and true! Although I truly feel all of what is channelled in this answer, it is so important to be reminded in this way. As a human being, it is all too easy to forget, and to focus on things that are not helpful! Why do we do that!
    Be love, Be peace. Wonderful, thank you. x

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