Transformation – Channelled message from Divine Source

Words in italics are Channelled message from Divine Source:

We have many wondrous things to share with you and in time you will be amazed by the increase in intensity you feel on earth, as things gain momentum and progress.

There is a shift occurring which is beyond the perceptions of most humans. Many will see it as difficulties and trials which are uncomfortable and impossible to surmount.

This is not the reality, this is part of the illusion. We wish to convey to you the importance of the present shift in terms of its importance to humanity. Never has mankind seen the like of the things which are being realised en masse, in the whole of its existence.

Whereas previously these things would be attributed to bad luck or ill omens, they are now seen as a clearing of the old in order to allow in the new.

There is a shift occurring

There is a shift occurring

We are aware that these times are difficult and, at times unbearable, in human terms, but if each individual is strong enough in their perceptions of the truth, it will cease to be heavy, becoming instead a welcome change and an upliftment of the spirit in all ways.

This will give rise to common ground being found, where all that existed before was conflict and hate.

We are here to assure you all that this is the plan. It cannot be changed and it will come to fruition sooner than you can imagine.

Peace and love are what you will all experience, at every level of your being – if only you can allow yourselves to be led, ceasing to rail against what you see as injustices and bad behaviour. The die is cast.

Seek only things which help with this transformation. They are there, but as they are mostly unseen and cannot be bought or acquired in the usual sense they are largely missed and unused.

Being mindful of the possibilities is all it takes to effect the change you wish to see, this will allow the most useful tool to be delivered to you.

Wielding the wand of change is simple, but first you need to grasp the wand. It is within the grasp of all of you, should you wish to participate. 

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