You are all pure Love – Channelled guidance

You are perfect

You are perfect

Words in italics are channelled guidance:

What would you like us to learn today?

That you are not here at all. That you remain with Source. That you are all pure Love. That you have nothing to really learn as you are all already perfect.

 Ha ha! Many people would not say that. How can you convince me that this is true?

Sadly this is difficult for most of you are too embroiled in the apparent concerns of the world to realize that you are not of the world. But try this:

 Allow yourself to imagine that you are merged with the Source of Love. Imagine that a wonderful loving, light energy is behind you; allow yourself to imagine melting into this so that you become part of the bigger light and you too glow with this light. Try it now and see what you feel like…

Do you not feel uplifted and part of a loving other-worldliness?

 Yes, I do.

Now try to imagine all beings in the world doing the same thing, joining you in perfection. What was that like?

 It felt really good and reduced feelings of separateness with others.

Good, because that is the aim of this exercise. All the apparent differences between people, animals and all living beings are merely illusion. There is no difference in reality. We are all One and the more people who understand and importantly,  feel this, then all beings will be helped to understand that they are of Source – ALL beings and ALL are of Love and ALL are perfect – despite the contradictory appearances of this world. Is that not marvellous news?

 Yes, thank you so very much.


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  1. This is a beautiful and wonderful thought!

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