Life Journey – Channelled message from Source

On your life journey  you have free will

On your life journey you have free will

Words in italics are channelled message from Source:

Continuing your journeys, even though at times you find them unpleasant and difficult to deal with, is of great importance – now more than ever. Know that we are always but a thought away, to uplift and guide you through the morass, over the crevasse, and out to the other side of each experience.

“Not seeing the wood for the trees” is a common condition unique to the human form. This is merely a figment of your imaginations and can easily be avoided by giving yourselves more space, remembering that time has no meaning in relation to the duration of your journeys.

You have the gift of free will. Use this to your advantage in a loving way and watch how things change. In an instant you can effect a total turnaround of circumstances by simply bringing love and peace into play, in whatever manner is appropriate at the time.

Your influence is greater than you think on an energetic level. What may seem to be a fruitless exercise at first can become a testament to this guidance if applied for long enough, on a continuous basis.

Keep on keeping on, in love, because love is all there is, whether you see it or not.


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