Time (3) – Channelled message from Source

If you think you have time, you have and if you think that you haven't got time, you haven't

If you think you have time, you have and if you think that you haven’t got time, you haven’t

Words in italics are channelled message from Source:

Time is not your enemy. You do not need to ‘race against time’  or have ‘time drag’. Instead know that if you think you have time, you have and if you think that you haven’t got time, you haven’t. This is a very useful concept for you. If you really understand this to be the fact, then it will be your reality.

You say that if I think I don’t have time, I haven’t. I have some understanding of the fact that we create our reality, but I’m not sure how I can create more time in the human sense. Quite often I find myself short of time – how do I change this?

By being aware of energy and its true meaning. Your thoughts are simply a form of energy, so if you treat them as such you can manipulate them and create whatever you wish.

For example, if you are “running late” in human terms you will find that by accessing a place of calmness within, you will be able to realise that the moment to moment construct of your existence is quantifiable in a different way. Whilst you have this stillness within you are suspended in time, as it were, and so time can stand still. This will take practise, because there is a great need to distance yourselves in this way from your humanness, momentarily. Such things are within your grasp, and if you have the wish to do this you will find that the relevant vehicle or tool comes to you. Recognising those things as such can be difficult, they are often dismissed as “pie in the sky” or missed altogether – interpreted as something entirely different. Don’t try too hard, just allow.

But as much as I practise stillness, the clock keeps ticking – unless I disable the clock. How do I override a ticking clock?

You don’t. You simply change your thoughts to a more positive version of what is. You will find that this way of being can be applied to every part of your human existence if you allow it and take the necessary steps for change. You are accustomed to, and programmed by societal parameters to think in a certain way, but this need not be the norm if you are not in agreement. The main aim of this kind of exercise is to feel more comfortable within the constraints you experience as humans. This is purely for you to determine, no-one else can do it for you.

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  1. Yes, my positive thoughts have indeed got me through difficult times. Just changing your perspective can get you through anything , even an overwhelming day.

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