Time- Channeled message from Divine Source (1)

Time is not linear

Time is not linear

The words in italics are channeled message from Divine Source:

What would you like to teach us today?

There is much, but we would like to talk to you about time.

 Oh good! I would like that.

Time is a difficult concept for you to understand for it is not as you assume. It is not linear, but is a concept of this world, the purpose of which is to separate experience, to make it manageable for you. Time just IS. By this we mean that the apparent past, present and future are mere dimensions of being. Time can be manipulated by your mind, such that you can enter into other dimensions at Will, although you believe this to be impossible.

 When doing healing, sometimes I have the experience in my mind’s eye of seeing the apparent historical source of the person’s current problem. Is that an example of what you mean?

Yes. This is just a small example. Much more can be achieved if you do not place barriers to your perception.

 Could you give an example of what this might be?

Stopping time. Moving time. Expanding time. Being time. All difficult for you to understand at present. But as an extension of Source, you only have the barriers you place upon yourselves which prevent you from being all you can be. Other beings, in other worlds have mastered these aspects of time to their benefit. It is not impossible.

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  1. Wow! This is some seriously powerful stuff! It really gives you something to think about if you open your mind enough to the possibilities! If only we were taught this sort of thing at school instead of Pythagoras’s theorem!

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