Liberation (2) – Channelling from Divine Source

Be the change you wish to see

Be the change you wish to see

Words in italics are channelling from Divine Source:

The ability to feel compassion, live and let live, and just “be” is actually part of every one of you. It is merely hidden from view by a series of unkind, insensitive acts and/or words directed at you by others (and sometimes yourselves) throughout your lives, resulting in the need to build protective walls, which in turn crushes and all but extinguishes your beautiful, vibrant essence – that spark of the Divine Source within everyone.

You can even be the change you wish to see in others if you put your minds to it. All that’s required is the will to get through each time of adversity and pain you encounter by means of your innate God given coping mechanism, refusing to allow seemingly unbearable toils and injustices to be burdens, and using each one positively to grow and progress spiritually. This ultimately ensures that any problems you face cease to exist when you stop viewing them as such, and realise that they are sent to challenge you and help you to make positive changes to the way you respond and react to others.

By seeing so-called problems as opportunities for development and progression, looking inward for solutions instead of looking outward and seeking to apportion blame, you can achieve inner peace. The outer reflects the inner, and when you have inner peace, you emanate it and others cannot fail to be affected by it.

But only by letting go of things such as anger, hatred and blame can you experience true Liberation.                                                 

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