Liberation (1) – Channelling from Divine Source

Follow your hearts to spiritual fulfilment and peace

Follow your hearts to spiritual fulfilment and peace

Words in italics are channelling from Divine Source:

Without a struggle, liberation is not possible.

Without constraints, there is nothing to be liberated from.

Whether those constraints are self imposed or given meaning by those around you, they are there for a reason.

The reason is not always apparent, certainly not for a good while – at least until you have gone far enough down the pathway to recognise what was keeping you tethered, held back, or unable to move forward in some way.

You are often given a set of circumstances where you find yourselves with no escape from the “duty of care” type scenario, whatever role you are playing.

If you follow your hearts, the conclusion will be one of spiritual fulfilment and peace, having achieved much along the way without actually striving to do so, proving that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS.  Losing sight of this fact is not a sign that you are uncaring, but a signal that you have more work to do in that particular sphere and dimension of your earthly existence.

 Fear is always counter-productive. It demonstrates a lack of trust in the unseen support and natural order of things which you either take for granted, try to change, or are completely unaware of.

Living within the bounds of an earthly existence is never easy. It is not designed to be.  But it can be made simpler by accessing and utilising the basic skills you were born with but have left behind or forgotten. Those skills are still within you. Should you wish to access them, you only need to project the wish to do so by communing with the Divine (in whatever manner suits the individual) and the rest will just follow.

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