Simplicity – Channelled spiritual guidance

Simplicity always begins within

Simplicity always begins within

Words in italics are channelled spiritual guidance:

Simplicity has many component parts. We are aware that most humans do not have an understanding of true simplicity. At times they are convinced that it is something which belongs to a bygone age and therefore inaccessible to today’s population. On that basis, they deem it unnecessary and unavailable, depriving themselves of an excellent coping strategy for the relentless drive and pressure they are subjected to at present. Very few feel that simplicity is achievable at any level of their existence. We can assure you that, with a little patience and applied thinking of a slightly different genre, amazing things can be achieved – facilitating a totally different way of being, way of life and level of wellbeing.

We wish to help all who are keen to travel along the path of self awareness. Our aim is never to preach or cajole, only ever to assist and encourage, giving assurances and guidance with a view to escalating peace and a loving disposition within every being that is open to such change.

We are aware that this cannot be hurried, but since time only exists on the earth plane, we see great strides being taken where you do not. Access to this information and learning is open to all. A level playing field can very quickly be created, cleared of undulations and divots if one is ready to use the talents and abilities innately present in all humans.

Do you have guidance on how to achieve the simplicity you speak of?

As always it begins within. This is not the preserve of those who have plenty of free time or financial independence. In a nutshell, everyone has the ability to simplify their life by creating a starting point of their choice. They will find that once they create momentum in that place, other aspects of the same thing will reveal themselves for appropriate reconstruction. This work doesn’t need to be major to have a strong, positive effect. Thereafter, as they become used to the new parameters and boundaries and feel comfortable with the changes created thus far, they will feel confident in allowing this type of change in all aspects of their existence. The simplicity of it will become apparent when they feel less stressed and more in control of things.

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